Bubblebee Industries Sidekick 3 IFB In-Ear Monitor (Mono, Curly Cable)

Bubblebee Industries Sidekick 3 IFB In-Ear Monitor (Mono, Curly Cable)

Bubblebee Industries Sidekick 3 IFB In-Ear Monitor (Mono, Curly Cable)

Bubblebee Industries Sidekick 3 IFB In-Ear Monitor (Mono, Curly Cable)
Bubblebee Industries Sidekick 3 IFB In-Ear Monitor (Mono, Curly Cable)
  • For Broadcast and IFB Communication
  • Virtually Invisible Mono Earpiece
  • Ultrathin Cable Loops around the Ear
  • New Driver with Extended Frequency Range
  • Lower Impedance over Previous Model
  • Eartip Set Allows Sonic Options
  • Offers Crystal-Clear Cues
  • Works in Noisy Environments
  • Lightweight Cable with 3.5mm TRS Plug

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Bubblebee Industries Sidekick 3 IFB In-Ear Monitor (Mono, Curly Cable)

A virtually invisible mono in-ear monitor with a single-sided curly cable, the Bubblebee Industries Sidekick 3 updates the Sidekick's micro-speaker driver, so the entire unit fits comfortably in the ear while delivering crystal-clear cues, with a smoother frequency response and deeper lows even in noisy environments. This redesign eliminates the need for acoustic tubes, resulting in a visually discreet appearance and no compromise to intelligibility.

Thanks to the low-profile earpiece and ultrathin, lightweight cable that loops around the ear, the Sidekick 3 remains comfortable to wear without fatigue, all day and well into the night. Three kinds of eartips are included to allow sonic options such as low or high ambience. Stay attuned to the environment around you, or block it out. The 3.5mm TRS connector ensures compatibility with the headphone jacks on most devices.

Invisible in Your Ear

Designed to fit inside the ear canal, the Sidekick 3 driver unit is so small that it is not visible when worn in the ear.

New Cable Loop

The Sidekick 3's cable loop guides the cable behind the ear, hiding it from sight and making the Sidekick virtually invisible when worn. You can now use the earpiece in either the left or right ear, your choice.

New Driver over Previous Model

The newly designed driver boasts an extended frequency response, allowing the user to hear a more rounded, higher quality of audio. It's tough and resilient, tested with tolerances up to three times higher than previous Sidekick versions.

Versatile Volume Control

A lower impedance driver allows the user a greater range of volume control and can comfortably be used with a lower-output device such as a mobile phone.

Adapt to Your Environment

The Sidekick 3 features three different types of eartips, allowing the user to adapt the varying levels of external ambience: Satellite (high ambience), Christmas Tree (low ambience), and Round (increased low-frequency definition).

Curly Cable

The 48" cable features a curly design with strain relief.


The super low profile of the Sidekick 3 cable is 44% thinner than the first generation cable, with a diameter of only 33μm. The color-neutral cable easily blends into almost any background without being noticed on camera.

Increased Comfort

Wear your Sidekick 3 for 20 hours straight with no fatigue. It weights just 360 milligrams excluding the cable. The Sidekick 3 cable is 50% lighter than the first generation Sidekick cable, allowing for a virtually fatigue-free experience.

Tough and Durable

Using Kevlar-reinforced cables, the Sidekick 3 is one piece, from termination to driver, and is made to last. The eartips are easy to clean, and the driver's filter is easily replaceable.

Conventional Connection

A 3.5mm TRS mini-jack connector means compatibility with most wireless receivers, accessories, and phones.


    • Bubblebee Industries Sidekick 3 IFB In-Ear Monitor (Mono, Curly Cable)
    • Protective Carrying Case
    • Satellite Eartip (M)
    • Christmas Tree Eartip (M)
    • Round Eartip (M)
    • Round Eartip (S)
    • Gator Clothing Clip
    • 2 x Sidekick Filter Replacement Tool
    • Limited 2-Year Warranty

Bubblebee Industries BBI-SK3- Specs


Earpiece DesignIn-Ear (Intra-Aural), Closed-Back
Earpiece Connection / Wearing StyleWired
Driver TypeDynamic
Number of Drivers1, per Earpiece
Impedance16.91 Ohms
Active Noise CancellationNo
Full Remote OS SupportNone


Frequency Response100 Hz to 10 kHz
Sensitivity100 dB at 1 kHz

Wired Connectivity

Audio Connector to Source1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Male Right-Angled
Adapter (Included)None
Cable DesignSingle-Sided
Audio Connector to EarpieceHard-Wired
Cable Length48" / 122 cm


Operating Temperature1 to 145°F / -17 to 63°C
Storage Temperature-40 to 145°F / -40 to 63°C


0 oz / 0.4 g (without Cable) 
Audio Cable:
0.4 oz / 10 g