GreenBull FlyingKitty Cable Cam FM12 Shooting System For Ronin 2

GreenBull FlyingKitty Cable Cam FM12 Shooting System For Ronin 2

GreenBull FlyingKitty Cable Cam FM12 Shooting System For Ronin 2

  • SKU : #635YGB-FM12 | MFR : #GB-FM12
GreenBull FlyingKitty Cable Cam FM12 Shooting System For Ronin 2
GreenBull FlyingKitty Cable Cam FM12 Shooting System For Ronin 2
  • Max Payload: 12kg (26.4 LBS)
  • Material: Carbon fiber framework
  • Control Distance: 500 Metres
  • Main functions:
  • AB point positioning, cruise control, course switching,
  • DJI Ronin 2/MX remote-control (rotation, pitch, roll),
  • Camera remote-control (zoom, focus, aperture)


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GreenBull FlyingKitty Cable Cam FM12 Shooting System For Ronin 2

0-22 wheels carbon fiber cable cam FM12

2*2 wheels carbon fiber cable cam


Inspired by the ancient boomerang,made of carbon fiber,with bayonet suitable for Ronin2 and middle-large size camera,payload 12KG.

4-High-powered DC servo motor FM12

High-powered DC servo motor


With high-powered motor,synchronous belts driving,compact structure and stable performance,have certain grade ability.

5-AB point limit FM12

AB point limit


Through the encoder servo motor, recording cable cam operate position accurately. Setting by controller, run cable cam within a safe range between these two points.

11-Gently start-stop FM12

Gently start-stop


Filmmakers always worry about the instability when shooting, starting and falling might resulting screen shot wobbly sometime.So we made full optimization according cable cam different speed,start and stop will produce corresponding damping buffer.

6-Pedal Controller FM12

Pedal Controller


Divided into left and right,control cable cam to move forward and backward respectively,stepping on it to run and stop when feet lift.

7-Camera&stablilizer remote control FM12

Camera&stablilizer remote control


Equipped with signal receiver.Control camera zoom,focus,aperture, recording and other functions. Working with camera like Sony Z90 / Z190 / Z280 / FS5 / FS7 or Panasonic, JVC and other brand cameras (with Φ 2.5mm RC jack).
*Software copyright: camera remote control system V1.0
Registration number: 2020SR0107686

8-Integrated Ronin2 remote control FM12

Integrated Ronin2 remote control

RC receiver compatible with DJI Ronin2/MX stabilizer,control rotation, pitch, roll.With independent direction switch and recenter functions.

9-V battery mount,long-endurance FM12

V battery mount,long-endurance


3 V-mounts designed.Two for camera Li-ion to supplying power for cable cam.Two BP Li-ion can last more than 6 hours to meet the need of long time program recording.The other V mount for transmission/backup batteries.

10-Safer with Double Rope FM12

Safer with Double Rope


Ultra-high molecular weight fiber rope.Lighter,wearproof, mute and tension. It can not only enhance the operation stability, but also make easy mind when use.

1-2.4 GHz Multi-function Remote Controller FM12

2.4 GHz Multi-function Remote Controller


3D joystick,combining cable cam, stabilizer,camera and pedal control, make control smoothly.


    FM12 Standard Configuration 01
FM12 Cable Cam Main Body
Net weight:3. 8kg
Payload: 12kg
Max-speed: 6m/s
Climbing  ability:≤20 °
Adaptive Voltage:DC 24-36V
Adaptative battery:14.8v-v-type camera lithium battery(sold separately)
Time of endurance:14.8v-130wh(v-port lithium battery)*2(life time more than 6 hours)
Features:AB point setting,cruise control,course switching,gently start-stop.
Multi-functional remote controller
Control distance:open environment≥500 meters
Voltage:DC 6-8.4V
Power Supply Mode: Built-in 7.4V-1100mAH AH Li-ion( Battery life about 5h) Or 84V Power Adapter(Europe Standard)
Umber of joystick:Double Joysticks
Joystick dimension:3D
Umber of axis:3-axis synchronous
Characteristic control:pedal control cable cam car to start/stop, forward backward
Main  Functions:

Cablecam control: AB points setting, controls the cable car to move forward and backward, speed up/down, cruise and gently start-stop.


Gimbal control: Remote control DJI Ronin2/MX stabilize to rotation, pitch, and roll,One-key recenter.

Camera control: 2. 5mm output, LANC protocol.Remote control camera to zoom, focus, aperture recording and other functions,works with Sony Z90/Z190/Z280/FS5/FS7 or such Panasonic ,JVX camera.(with 2.5mm output)

Camera remote control receiver
Voltage:DC3.- 5V
Remote control distance:open environment≥500 meters
Output Port:

 ①2.5mm: Camera remote port(LANC protocol), remote control camera zoom, focus, aperture, recording and other functions, suitable for camera as Sony Z90/Z280/FS5/FS72.


②3.5mm: Stabilizer control port(DBUS), remote control Ronin2/MX stabilizer rotating, pitching and rolling.

Material:ultra-high molecular weight fiber
Length:200 meters in total (100 meters each for the primary and suborbital)