Sennheiser EM 9046 SU Digital Wireless Receiver Mainframe (470 to 798 MHz)

Sennheiser EM 9046 SU Digital Wireless Receiver Mainframe (470 to 798 MHz)

Sennheiser EM 9046 SU Digital Wireless Receiver Mainframe (470 to 798 MHz)

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Sennheiser EM 9046 SU Digital Wireless Receiver Mainframe (470 to 798 MHz)
Sennheiser EM 9046 SU Digital Wireless Receiver Mainframe (470 to 798 MHz)
  • For Digital 9000 Wireless System
  • Accepts up to 8 Receiver Modules
  • Large Color TFT Display, Icon-Based UI
  • 4 RU, 19" Width
  • ASP Antenna Splitter Module
  • PSU Power Supply Unit
  • CCC Clock Core Controller Module
  • 2 X Ethernet Ports

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Sennheiser EM 9046 SU Digital Wireless Receiver Mainframe (470 to 798 MHz)

The Sennheiser EM 9046 SU is a digital wireless receiver mainframe capable of housing up to 8 independent EM 9046 DRX receiver modules (available separately). It comes equipped with the PSU power supply, ASP antenna splitter, and CCC clock core controller modules.

Part of the Digital 9000 Series modular system, the EM 9046 SU is characterized by its pristine uncompressed digital audio and mission-critical transmission reliability for the most complex live productions, where audio failure is not an option. It is ideal for touring and rental companies, theater and musical events, broadcasting, large houses of worship, and corporate applications.

Housed in a rugged, 4 RU chassis, the EM 9046 SU features the company's renowned HD transmission mode (with no compression) and the Long Range transmission mode (with proprietary SeDAC audio codec).  It also offers an ultrawide 328 MHz tuning range with equidistant frequency grid, true-bit diversity reception, and an active antenna splitter for daisy-chaining up to eight devices.

The unit offers an array of flexible options designed to simplify daily use, including an intuitive, icon-based user interface with a large TFT display, a built-in graphical spectrum analyzer, and proprietary encryption. The receiver can also be controlled remotely via Sennheiser's Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) software.

To operate the EM 9046 SU, additional remote antennas and at least one output module are required. Use either the EM 9046 AAO analog output module or the EM 9046 DAO digital output module (both available separately). An EM 9046 DAN Dante module is also available. The modular design allows for receiver and output modules to be swapped for upgrades and maintenance.

The EM 9046 SU is compatible with the miniature SK 9000 bodypack transmitter for lavalier microphones, headsets, and guitar cable as well as the SKM 9000 handheld transmitter—which offers a wide selection of classic Sennheiser and Neumann capsules. It is also compatible with the SK 6000 and SK 6212 bodypacks, and SKM 6000 handheld transmitters operating in Long Range mode.

Legendary Sennheiser Uncompressed Digital Sound

  • In HD (High Definition) mode the receiver delivers entirely uncompressed, artifact-free digital audio.
  • The LR (Long Range) mode is designed for difficult transmission environments with many sources of interference, ensuring maximum range with a proprietary Sennheiser SeDAC audio codec.
  • 24-bit/96 kHz digital audio with a flat 30 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response provides a clear and present sound.
  • A dynamic range of 112 dB in HD mode yields impressive signal-to-noise performance and accurate transient response.
  • An exceptionally low 3ms latency (AES3/EBU) delivers a seamless, cohesive sound.

No-Compromise Reliability with More Compatible Channels

  • The ultrawide 328 MHz switching bandwidth provides extreme flexibility to find more available channels in challenging RF environments.
  • Digital 9000 technology is intermodulation-free with an equidistant frequency grid that prevents disruptive intermodulation, even with multiple transmitters in confined spaces—run up to 20 active transmitters per 6-MHz TV channel.
  • True-bit diversity reception evaluates the quality of each individual bit and combines the bits from two parallel reception streams for maximum protection against dropouts.
  • Secure transmission with proprietary encryption technology for data security—ideal for corporate facilities and other sensitive installations.

Easy to Use with Fast and Intuitive Interface

  • Three display modes ensure that the sound engineer has an optimum overview of important parameters in live situations and can change settings quickly via an intuitive, icon-based UI.
  • Channels can be monitored via the headphone output, either individually or combined.
  • Battery life for transmitters can be monitored on the receiver's displays.
  • The receiver stores up to ten complete system configurations so that setups can easily be recalled and repeated.
  • The configurable Command audio output allows for crew communication.
  • System setup is facilitated by a built-in graphical spectrum analyzer for scanning the RF landscape, and an RF level recorder for checking reception and optimizing antenna positions.
  • The receiver also suggests the best transmission mode for the environment and automatically sets the appropriate gain to counteract RF antenna cable losses.
  • The system's antenna boosters can be controlled via the receiver, which is helpful for installations with remote antennas.
  • To easily integrate the system into an existing infrastructure, the user can choose between transformer-balanced analog or digital AES3/EBU audio output modules, or a mix of both.

Antennas and Antenna Boosters

  • The EM 9046 SU features an ASP antenna splitter module enabling up to four units to be daisy chained. This allows you to use two remote antennas/antenna boosters for up to 64 receiver channels.
  • Compatible Antennas:
    • A 9000 active, intelligent, omnidirectional antenna
    • AD 9000 active, intelligent, directional antenna
    • AB 9000 active, intelligent, antenna booster

Setup and Monitoring Simplified with WSM Software

  • The receiver can be monitored and configured via the included Sennheiser's Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) software for Mac & Windows, and Wavetool software, as well as Yamaha CL/QL and Soundcraft Vi000 consoles.
  • The WSM software gives you remote access to all receiver's operating statuses, even during live performances.
  • In addition, this versatile software lets you reset the channel allocation at any time and store it as a "Scene".
  • To simplify complex multichannel operation, the software provides immediate identification of the channel allocated to each receiver at the press of a button.

Word Clock Module with Ethernet Ports

  • The EM 9046 allows for internal and external word clock synchronization of digital audio outputs.
  • It supports external word clock sampling rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz.
  • The receiver has two Ethernet ports for connection to a Mac or Windows computer, and/or for daisy-chaining up to 8 receivers.


    • Sennheiser EM 9046 SU Digital Wireless Receiver Mainframe (470 to 798 MHz)
    • 3 x AC Power Cables (with US, EU, UK Plugs)
    • Cat 5 Ethernet Cable
    • CD with Wireless System Manager (WSM) Software
    • Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
Wireless TechnologyDigital UHF
DiversityTrue Digital Diversity
RF Frequency Band470 to 798 MHz
RF Bandwidth328 MHz
Frequency Step Size25 kHz
Latency3 to 3.2 ms


Receiver TypeRackmount
Mounting OptionsRackmount
Rackmount Size4 RU (Full Rack)
Antenna Bias Voltage12 VDC, 200 mA (Max, per Antenna)
Number of Audio Channels8
Audio I/O1 x 1/4" 3-Pin Female Unbalanced Headphone Output
Gain Range-10 to +18 dB (1 dB Steps)
Frequency Response60 Hz to 20 kHz (Mic)
Network I/O2 x RJ45 (10/100 Mb/s)
Word Clock I/O1 x BNC Input
1 x BNC Output
RF PrincipleDouble Superheterodyne
Approximate RF Sensitivity-86 dBm
Power RequirementsAC Input
AC Input Power100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Display & Indicators1 x Backlit LCD (AF Level, Channel, Peak, RF Level, Transmitter Battery Status)
Dimensions17.7 x 7 x 19.5" / 449 x 177 x 496 mm
Weight37.5 lb / 17 kg