Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Pro Set

Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Pro Set

Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Pro Set

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Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Pro Set
Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Pro Set

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Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Pro Set

The Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Pro Set revolutionizes your camera rigging setup by offering an innovative and versatile solution for mounting accessories and achieving precise adjustments. This comprehensive kit empowers filmmakers, videographers, and content creators with the ability to customize their camera rigs for optimal performance and creative freedom.

At the heart of the Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Pro Set is the Hydra Arm Mini, a compact and robust articulating arm designed to withstand the demands of professional production. Its precision-engineered design allows for smooth and stable adjustments, enabling you to position your accessories with ease. Whether you're mounting monitors, lights, microphones, or other gear, the Hydra Arm Mini provides a secure and flexible solution.

The Pro Set includes an array of essential accessories that further enhance the Hydra Arm Mini's capabilities. The Magic Arm Clamp enables quick and secure attachment to various mounting points on your camera rig, while the Slide-In Cold Shoe Mount offers a convenient way to attach accessories without needing additional tools. Additionally, the Noga-Style Arm provides an alternative option for versatile adjustments and mounting options.

With its modular design, the Hydra Arm Mini Pro Set offers endless possibilities for configuring your camera setup to suit your specific needs. Whether you're shooting handheld, on a tripod, or with a gimbal, this kit empowers you to create a personalized rig that maximizes functionality and efficiency.

Crafted with durability and precision in mind, the Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Pro Set is built to withstand the rigors of professional production. Its solid construction ensures stability and reliability, allowing you to focus on capturing exceptional content without worrying about equipment failure.

Incorporating the Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Pro Set into your camera rig setup elevates your creative possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned filmmaker or an enthusiast, this kit provides you with the tools to achieve precise adjustments and mount accessories seamlessly. Empower your filmmaking journey with the Tilta Hydra Arm Mini Pro Set and experience a new level of control and versatility in your production workflow.


    Pro Kit:

    1:Pan Axis Module *1
    2:50mm Speed Rail*2
    3:Suction Cup Support Bracket*4
    4:Monitor Support Bracket for The Front Passenger Seat*1
    5:Suction Cup*2
    6:Articulating Arm*2
    7:Monitor Support Bracket for The Rear Passenger Seat*2
    8:Tilt Axis Module*1
    9:Cable Support Rod*2
    10:Crane Arm Piece I*2
    11:Crane Arm Piece II*1
    12:Shock Absorbing Arm*1
    13:Remote Control*1
    14:Battery Plate for Hydra Arm Mini -V Mount*1
    15:Power Supply Base Plate for DJI Ronin*1
    16:220V Power Cable*1
    17:Communication Cable*1
    18:Support Cable*2
    19:2-Pin to P-tap Power Cable*1
    20:Ratchet Strap*2
    21:Tool Set*1

Arm length is 152in / 387cm, max height is 177in / 450cm

Maximum payload is 22.05lbs / 10kg (including gimbal)

Speed of high/low angle: 80° per 1.7 sec. / Speed of moving angle: 360° per 6 sec.

Net weight: 154lbs / 70kg (approximate weight, not including gimbal or camera)

Packing Dimensions: 39.37in x 19.69in x 15.75in (100cm x 50cm x 40cm | Ships in Three Packages)

Power Requirement: 220V 1800wH+

(Power Converter: 110v to 220V 3000W+)